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Integra Government Services International LLC, delivers international development solutions to promote self-reliance among emerging economy governments and markets through academically grounded analytical tools and private sector engagement.  Integra develops and manages results-oriented, innovative strategies for social and economic development in the areas of economic growth, agriculture and food security, gender and women’s empowerment, climate and environment, and information and communication technology. Integra maintains key business partnerships and a roster of world-class experts with analytical, consultative, policy development, and managerial skills in several key areas of expertise to rapidly and flexibly support diverse client requirements which are ever present in innovative programs. 

Seeking to identify targeted opportunities to drive large-scale impact, Integra has provided technical services to donor-funded projects for 10 years, working across 35 different countries, impacting millions of stakeholders, and leveraging over $1.2 billion in public and private investment for development reforms. Our management systems and approaches are specifically designed to provide the highest caliber expertise, local relevance and partnership, rigorous performance monitoring practices, and sound financial controls; ensuring we achieve our clients’ expectations for quality, schedule, and cost management.

Five practice areas serve as foundation for our technical support framework for delivering impact from opportunity:

    * Promoting Enabling Environments:  Economic development can be stunted by a lack of governance and enabling policy, unbalanced markets and trade barriers, insufficient capital, relevant workforce capacity, and inconsistent regulation among other things. We apply proven tools for assessing the barriers to inclusive economic growth and implement strategies to promote the governance foundation for investment.

    * Private Sector Engagement:  Recognizing the roles of both the private sector and development partners as co-creators of development solutions, we implement a range of private sector engagement activities. Our approaches; which include strategically reviewing and mapping private sector landscapes, facilitating investment and partnerships, and building communities of practice; help to increase collaboration with the private sector to create far-reaching impact and support countries on their Journey to Self-Reliance.

    * Analytical and Support Services: We focus on providing responsive, flexible, and results-driven Analytical and Support Services to help inform self-reliant project design and implementation. We have a long track record of successfully managing analytical and technical assistance assignments, often under complex and difficult circumstances, including conflict and the Ebola crisis.

    * Knowledge Management and Learning: Integra provides a blended knowledge management and learning approach to facilitate evidence-based decision-making, learning, and adaptive management among our clients. Our approach combines independent, virtual, and in-person learning tools and techniques to maximize accessibility.

    * Portfolio and Program Evaluation: M&E lies at the heart of effective international development. Through rigor, use of modern data collection techniques, and a commitment to blended learning ensures consistent delivery of high-quality products. Our expertise spans a wide range of M&E activities, including performance evaluations, impact evaluation, and cost-benefit analysis (CBA).

Additional Info

Integra has maintained its “small business” status by focusing on international development strategy, planning, program design and evaluation. Our clients include: US Agency for International Development, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Foundations, Foreign Governments and private sector partners.


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