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Azavea is a HUBZone Small Business Concern and GSA Schedule 70 Contractor that designs and develops award-winning geospatial software. The firm was organized in 2000 to create technologically advanced solutions for geospatial data visualization and analysis. Azavea is a certified B Corporation, a commercial enterprise that operates with a social mission: to advance the state of the art in geospatial technology and apply it for civic, social, and environmental impact.

Azavea provides a range of services that include customized web and mobile software development, user experience design, data analysis and visualization, and big geospatial data processing. Our software engineers, user experience (UX) designers, GIS analysts, data scientists, project managers, writers, and other specialists have experience in many domains, including: water resources, urban ecosystems management, climate adaptation planning, conservation, sustainable transportation, and remote sensing.  Our clients include government, commercial, nonprofit, and academic organizations, as well as multilateral organizations like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Inter-America Development Bank, and the United Nations.

Azavea is particularly distinguished by its ability to build performant applications that leverage Earth observation imagery and remotely sensed data.  To that end, Azavea sponsors core development of GeoTrellisan open source geographic data processing engine for high performance applications that provides the ability to process large and small raster and network data sets with low latency by distributing the computation across multiple threads, cores, CPUs, and clusters of machines.

Azavea also has a strong background with other open source programming languages and software frameworks that enable our work to be shared by others.  We build applications based on open source technologies, contribute to existing open source libraries and projects, and provide a range of hosting, support, and maintenance services.  The firm has particular expertise with the PostgreSQL database and the PostGIS geospatial extension; JavaScript frameworks, including Angular and React; programming languages, libraries, and frameworks for working with large raster and vector datasets, including Scala, Spark, GeoTrellis, GeoMesa, GDAL, and GeoWave; web mapping frameworks, such as Leaflet and OpenLayers; and the Python programming language and associated web framework, Django.  Many of our solutions bring together the strengths of both open source and commercial tools, including Esri ArcGIS, CARTO, Google Maps, MapBox, OpenStreetMap, and Amazon Web Services.

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Azavea has particular expertise in making high performance geospatial processing possible on the web. Through our work on Raster Foundry, we believe that we could support USAID in humanitarian relief and disaster response efforts throughout the world. We have also built tools to support climate change mitigation planning at the community level, and we can provide custom web and mobile software development services to address many project-specific needs.


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